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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Going to "School"

Something else from that Guardian Article I just linked below -

Roadside bombs account for most of the lives lost, and the size and design of the explosions has led investigators to conclude that the insurgents are learning bombmaking methods from other terrorist organisations.

Yesterday's New York Times reported that the techniques used by Hezbollah in Lebanon were increasingly being seen in roadside bombs in Iraq.

An unnamed senior American commander quoted by the paper said bombs using shaped charges closely matched the bombs that Hezbollah used against Israel.

"Our assessment is that they are probably going off to 'school' to learn how to make bombs that can destroy armoured vehicles," he said.

They arent going off to "school" - school has come to them. Not recently either - The knowledge already exists within terrorist networks, and has for years. The Afghan/Russian war produced a vast amount of knowledge on fighting armorer vehicles from a guerrilla/insurgent perspective. The information was actually codified in one of the volumes of the now infamous 11-volume "Encyclopedia of Jihad".
Hezbollah's lessons techniques and lessons learned can easily be expected to have been exported just as much, and just as well, as anything from the Afghan mujahideen/Al Qaeda.
The few foreigners in Iraq are probably actively importing this knowledge, and disseminating it for further spread, and probably have been since the start of the insurgency.
They havent just suddenly learned how to build bombs that can defeat armor. No one has suddenly opened a "school" for it. The entire theater is a school, and every theater since the late 1980's has been one as well.


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